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Interested in Partnering with Visaya?

Find out how we can help your customers find the right device for their applications!


VISAYA is the open digital platform for process automation. We want to redefine how your customers buy devices online. We believe that through content and e-commerce, customers will be able to find and buy the right product for their applications.

Your benefits

VISAYA is an OPEN or “MULTICOLOR” brand that is able to guide and offer your customers the right instrument for their applications. VISAYA is a platform that will allow your customers to find, select and buy devices.

VISAYA is a complementary sales channel and knowledge base that will connect your sales and marketing professionals with your customers.

These are just some of the benefits your company will have by partnering with VISAYA:

  • Showcase your products on a new digital platform that has reached over one million unique visitors
  • Reach new audiences and non-customers (white spaces and adjacent industries)
  • Leverage social media marketing (i.e Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and exposure for your brand in a “multicolor” world
  • Connect directly with your customers digitally
  • VISAYA provides a medium for your experts to share their experience digitally

The Program

The partnership program has been developed to integrate companies from the process automation industry into VISAYA within 3 main goals.


  1. Place and Promote your company’s products in VISAYA.
  2. Integrate the experts in your company into the content creation process and reach your customers digitally.
  3. Connect with your potential customers digitally

Content Creation

Articles, Q&As, Cases Studies, and Videos are examples of the content we create and publish in VISAYA; the experts in your company have the opportunity to join our content creation process and share their content in VISAYA to reach your customers digitally.

Product Placement and Launch

Our core mission is to help your customers find the right device for their applications.

VISAYA will include the partner’s products and services in the Device Directory. These products will be part of an OPEN digital platform that allows customers to find, aggregate and compare the devices needed in the process automation industry.

Product Reviews is a unique offering on VISAYA. We give an unbiased opinion on devices available in the market.  Do you wonder what motivates us to write product reviews? find it out on this link.

Product Launch

VISAYA is the perfect platform to showcase new products that will be launched by your company, We can create and post content on our platform about your new product.

What’s next?

Want to know more? Do you have an idea you will like to share with us? Just send us an email,  give us a quick call or we can have a VC, we will be happy to talk with you.