Product Review: VEGAPULS WL S 61

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VEGA has launched the new level transmitter VEGAPULS WL S 61, and we’re here to have a look and tell you what we think! Enjoy the read and draw your own conclusions!

Courtesy of VEGA

Whatcha got there?

VEGA now offers this device as an ideal solution for water and wastewater. If you’ve checked it out already, then you noticed that it lacks the bells and whistles of some of its competitors. Still, it promises good functionality, easy maintenance, and decent cost benefits. Let’s dig in and see if it delivers!

Its protection rating of IP68 and range of 8 meters with a 5-millimeter deviation brings nothing new to the table. That’s okay, though. As an analog device, the implementation into a plant asset management (PAM) system won’t be possible!

Sadly, if you want a remote display, you need to buy it separately, which sort of eats into the cost benefit. #Lifeishard

What can it do?

Well, basically anything any standard radar device can do, but for cheaper! But wait, there’s more!

Earlier I called it a simple device with a simple design. #notyellowdevice However, this little duckie has a secret advantage under its wing. You can now do your configuration and check your process data using your phone or laptop! How? Why, with its shiny built-in Bluetooth protocol! Woot!

You can find the app at the App Store or Google Play, and best of all, it’s free! Yep yep. Makes sense, though. While this device may be cheaper, it still costs a nice chunk of change, so getting the software for free makes for a nice feature. #fairadvantage

Why should I care?

Because the VEGAPULS WL S 61 provides good functionality at a fair price and a sweet bonus with the Bluetooth! You should consider it as an alternative to your old ultrasonic level transmitter. In non-hazardous areas, of course. Safety first!

The VEGA Tools app will let you download and test the device’s functions using the demo mode. I like this option because the demo lets you try it before you commit to buying it.

I have to admit I found the app kinda slow on my iPhone 7 128GB and a little too colorful for my taste. However, it does what it should, providing easy access to configure, check status and capture process values.

Maybe I want too much from such a simple device, but I’d like to see some wireless communication + Bluetooth to set it up. Could be a good idea, right?

I tried to find an English video about VEGA tools Bluetooth, but it wasn’t possible! #Fail

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