4-20 mA loop test

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How do I do the loop test? I'm working in a plant startup, and I need to do the loop test on all our 4-20 mA field devices.

Expert’s answer: 4-20 mA loop test

To do a 4-20 mA loop test, we recommend that you simulate the output through the field device. Most HART field devices allow you to simulate the output as well as the process measurement.

4-20 mA loop test
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Usually, you do loop tests when you go out in the field to check on your device configurations. However, if you have a device that can’t do its own loop test, you should use a loop calibrator. You’ll find plenty of options for those on the market.

The loop calibrator will help you simulate the 4-20 mA output and check the loop. It may also test a valve or a similar final element as well.

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4-20 mA loop test
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