475 Field Communicator display issues

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Hi, I have a 475 Field communicator and I am having problem using the touchscreen! Weeks ago the display showed a white spot and I can't use the touchscreen on this specific area!

Expert’s answer: What to do when you experience 475 Field Communicator display issues?

Sorry to say it, but if you experience 475 Field communicator display issues, you have a problem that might not be fixable. In my opinion, there are problems with the 475 display. I’ve heard a lot of similar comments come from different users and most of them changed the display to have the touchscreen function back.

475 Field Communicator display issues
Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

However, you can try at least once to calibrate the display. If you go to the menu you are going to see the option to align the display. That option requires that you touch different parts of the display following an arrow. Depending on the problem, you can finish the align procedure. This is a sign of you need to send the 475 Field Communicator to be repaired by a specialist.

If the procedure works, you can postpone the maintenance. However, the white spot on the display is not normal. So, my recommendation is that you should send your 475 Field Communicator to be repaired as soon as possible.

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475 Field Communicator display issues
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