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I need a new Coriolis for my beverage application. Which type of certification does the device offer?

Expert’s answer: Coriolis for beverage application

Great question! To use a flow meter in the food and beverage field, and specifically for a beverage application, you have to abide by the requirements set to keep quality and safety standards high, and those standards need certification.

Depending on where your device appears in the process, the certification may vary. Most of the time, you have to find companies with 3A Sanitary Standards and EHEDG-certified devices.

You may also need the IP69K, another standard for food and beverage companies to guarantee a device’s ability to meet standards. In a nutshell, the IP69K will protect the device from high-pressure water.

Therefore, you find it most often in beverage companies, as operators usually clean with high-pressure water. If the device doesn’t meet IP69K standards, then the water can damage it!

Companies with Coriolis flow meters:

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Beverage application
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