Changing flow meter line size

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I have to change a discharge line pump from three inches to four, and this line has a magnetic flow meter. What parts on the meter should I change? Also, our operator said doesn't trust magmeters. Is there another type we can use?

Expert’s answer: Changing flow meter line size

Changing flow meter line size? If so, you may not need to change your flow meter, but you’ll definitely need to scale it out to the new process conditions. After you scale out, if the pressure drop falls below your meter’s threshold, then you should shop for a new meter.

Meanwhile, you should talk to your process operator about his lack of trust in magmeters. He may have had a bad experience with one in the past. Or he may have no experience at all with them, which makes him uncomfortable. Whatever the case, you want him to stay objective about the work, so you may need to do some sleuthing.

Regardless of your operator’s opinion, you’ll need to check the flow meter’s operation. Use a clamp-on meter so you can compare its data to the inline meter’s values. You can also check the diagnostic and calibrate the flow meter yearly if necessary.

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Changing flow meter line size
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