Changing flow units on Promag 400?

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How do I change the flow meter units using the display and the field communicator?

Expert’s answer: Changing flow units on Promag 400?

Changing flow units on Promag 400 with your display is pretty straightforward. First of all, you need the password to access the configuration, so make sure you have that. Once you use the password, you have access to the “Operator” and “Maintenance” sections. Each section offers specific information on the device.

After you access the menu setup, follow this procedure to choose the flow units:

  • Setup menu > Advanced setup > System units

In the system units, you’ll see units for all your different variables, like volume, conductivity, temperature, mass flow, and more. Choose the one you want to change and you’re done!

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Changing flow units on Promag 400?
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