Compressed air flow measurement on Rosemount 8800D

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We have a problem with compressed air flow measurement with the Rosemount 8800D vortex flow meter. Did we pick the wrong instrument for our application?

Expert’s answer: Compressed air flow measurement on Rosemount 8800D

Compressed air flow measurement on Rosemount 8800D can be tricky. And, I hate to say it, but maybe. A vortex flow meter needs a minimum velocity to measure accurately. So when the Reynolds number drops below 20,000 (15,000 for gas and steam), the K-factor becomes non-linear. This means that the vortex won’t measure from zero. Therefore, if you need a device for all your flow ranges, try a thermal or differential pressure device.

Rosemount 8800D vortex

Once you set your numbers, check the installation, because the vortex requires a minimum inlet and outlet run. Your accuracy could suffer from the wrong installation.

8800 Vortex installation effects

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