How to connect a Rosemount wireless pressure gauge to a WirelessHART network


I have a Rosemount wireless pressure gauge that I was using without its wireless connectivity. Now I want to set up the manometer to communicate with my new wireless gateway. Can you tell me how to do it?

Expert’s answer

It’s nice to hear that you’ve deployed new technology in your plant! Although the Rosemount wireless pressure gauge looks like a standard manometer, you get excellent advantages with its technology.

This device has a dial face and two LEDs for the battery and diagnostic status. It also has an OFF/ON switch and a field communication connection, where you’ll connect your handheld, tablet, laptop, etc.

Rosemount wireless pressure gauge setup procedure

First, you need access to your wireless gateway plus the Network ID and join keys. You must have this information to connect your field device to the network. You also need a HART communicator with the proper device description (DD) installed.

Start by removing the cover on the face of the device. At the bottom of the dial, you’ll see the “comm” port.

Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

Connect the HART modem to the port. Then, using your handheld, tablet, or laptop, access the device menu to set it up.

On the menu, click “Configure,” then “Basic Setup” and “Join device to network.”

Now, fill in the Network ID and the join keys. The gateway should automatically connect. And there you go!

Learn more about the Rosemount wireless pressure gauge with this video:

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How to connect a Rosemount wireless pressure gauge to a WirelessHART network
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