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We have a lot of 4-20 mA + HART control valves, and we need status monitoring. How can I do external monitoring without spending a lot of money?

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Yeah, there are ways to do external control valve monitoring without spending a lot of money. With a smart positioner, you can get relevant information about the health of your control valve. Usually, all diagnostics die in the field because most applications only read the analog output. This means that they omit the HART.

If you don’t have a HART control system, then you can collect the information by installing a multiplexer between the field devices and the control system. Still, that requires a lot of structure and procedure.

Below you have an example of wireless adapter:

You also have the option of installing a wireless adapter on your control valves to collect the HART signal and send the diagnostic through wireless communication. You can find a broad range of options on the market using two principal protocols, the WirelessHART and ISA100. Depending on the protocol, you can gain other options based on brands and interoperability.

Installing a wirelessHART won’t make your valve wireless. But the simple installation won’t affect the analog output from the adapter.

Want more information? If so, these companies have wireless options:

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Control valve monitoring
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