HART Communicator: Display or handheld configuration

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Hi. I have a question about HART communicators. Can you help? When we have a local configuration, when do we use the HART communicator?

Expert’s answer: Display or handheld configuration

Hi! Sure I can help in terms of display or handheld configuration.

A HART communicator allows you to fully configure your device. Meaning, you can have a zero setup and span adjustments using the handheld.

You can also read diagnostics, change the range, check the current output and more. Overall, the communicator really makes your daily life easier. Depending on your setup, you may want to use the communicator, but also you can also use the buttons for your zero and span setups.

For more information about HART, please go to www.hartcomm.org.

For more information about the topic, please check with these websites:

Hope it was helpful!

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HART Communicator: Display or handheld configuration
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