Emerson 5300 GWR and sludge!

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We have an Emerson 5300 GWR LT! Sometimes, the level fluctuates severely. After we open and inspect the chamber, we find the rod clean but sludge in the chamber drain. After flushing the chamber, the level goes back to normal. How does this sludge cause this problem when the rod itself is clean? Can we use the GWR with sludge?

Expert’s answer: Problem with Emerson 5300 GWR and sludge

Emerson 5300 GWR and sludge – jinkies, it’s a mystery, guys! Ruh-roh. Okay, now most folks who install level radars just need basic data about their applications. But depending on the process conditions and the tank, sometimes you gotta take it up a notch.

Radar – Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

First things first, though. Everybody repeat after me: Check the manual.

So did you follow the installation instructions Emerson so kindly gave you? If you didn’t and the device won’t work properly, then you’ll probably find the reason in the mirror. Now review that manual and scratch that possibility off your list. While you’re checking the installation, scan for electromagnetic interference from a pump or motor nearby. You never know.

Field Communicator – Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

After you vet the setup, now you need to confirm the device configuration. For that, you need a handheld or a laptop with plant asset management software or the Rosemount Radar Master. When you hook up, check the basics and follow the setup guide. Someone may have tweaked the settings recently and that might mean your Emerson 5300 GWR and sludge don’t go too well together.

Echo curve – Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

Once you’ve done that, you can check the echo curve analyzer for interference in the tank. If your mystery sludge meddled with your device, then the graphic should show the faults. If you find a ton of interference, you’ll need to do the surface threshold adjustment manually. Zoicks! You guys go ahead. We’ll be over here in the barrel, hiding.

Anyway, hope this helped you figure out what to do with your Emerson 5300 GWR and sludge!

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