Field network verification for FOUNDATION Fieldbus

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My company has a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network, and sometimes we have problems with the communication. How can I check the quality of the signal of our FF network by myself?

Expert’s answer: Field network verification for FOUNDATION Fieldbus

A lot of problems can come up in a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network. That includes field network verification for FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

In the startup and commissioning stage, watch for reversed polarity and bad connections. You’ll often find problems in the field because of poor grounds. Check your power supply, Fieldbus barriers, and field devices for these issues.

After you bring the network up, you need a proactive strategy to handle water ingress, vibration, temperature variations, or lightning. These can cause unscheduled downtime and excess costs for your company.

A handheld diagnostic tool will show network errors and provide reports on network conditions. Of course, you have to understand the reports, but most of them use simple icons to depict good or bad states.

If you have several networks, the online diagnostic may save time over a portable. Online diagnostics cost more, so drag out your calculator to decide whether they make sense for you.

The following links have more about FOUNDATION Fieldbus diagnostics:

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Field network verification for FOUNDATION Fieldbus
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