How to find a Fieldbus systems training

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I am looking for training in fieldbus systems (Profibus, Profinet, FOUNDATION Fieldbus) online or somewhere in the Toronto area. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Expert’s answer: How to find a Fieldbus systems training

So let’s see, a Fieldbus systems training… Okay, here we go. Search for the FOUNDATION Certified Training Program (FCTP) in Toronto or another area close to you. In this program, you can train at a certified site with a certified instructor and curriculum. For more information about nearby sites, just click on the link below:


FOUNDATIONTM Certified Training Program

You can also find certified training programs for PROFIBUS and PROFINET close to you. To search for a regional association with a certified training place, check out this link:


Want more information? If so, here are some instrumentation training courses that might interest you:

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How to find a Fieldbus systems training
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