Flow measurement of low conductivity products

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Hello, we would like to do a flow measurement of low conductivity product. The product is a liquid around 2.5 to 3 μS/cm, can we use a magmeter to the flow measurement?

Expert’s answer: Flow measurement of low conductivity products

Glad you asked because it’s difficult to do the flow measurement of low conductivity using a magmeter. Why? Well, the principle of the flow meter requires a minimum conductivity to allow the flow meter to work properly. Although you can find a magmeter that works in a low conductivity, the limit is usually 5 μS/cm.

My recommendation is to change the time of principle for your application. In fact, you have a bunch of good options for your application and most of them have a similar price tag or are affordable in comparison to a magmeter.

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For example, a vortex flow meter could be a good option for flow measurement of low conductivity products. The vortex doesn’t work based on the level of conductivity and you have a cheap version of vortex flow meter only for liquid measurement.

A thermal flow meter to a liquid application is another good option. On one hand, the accuracy is not that high because of the construction of the flow meter. On the other hand, the solution is more than enough for a flow monitoring application.

Below you have the list of the flow meter on the market:

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