Flow meter with Heartbeat technology!

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When I have a flow meter with Heartbeat technology, which kind of test the technology will cover and how I will see the information after the self-test?

Heartbeat Technology

Expert’s answer:

First of all, the Heartbeat Technology is a proprietary technology for Endress+Hauser devices. The Heartbeat Technology does not offer you just one but three different types. Thus making it possible for you to adjust them accurately to your needs.

The simplest option is the Heartbeat Diagnostics. This option will give you a basic diagnosis based on the NAMUR NE 107. You will not receive a special report.

The second option is the Heartbeat Verification. This test gives you a more-detailed test result with a definite valuation (“passed” or “not passed”) of the flow meter conditions. You will also be provided with a detailed, printable testing documentation. If you have a PAM system you will get even more information on your report as the values measured.

The last testing option is the Heartbeat Monitoring. This option allows you to add additional measurement categories. Also it will help you to detect changes at an early stage to prevent possible errors. The online diagnostic results of the measurement tube will be transferred to an external control system. All these information will also be available on the HBT verification.

Flow meter verification on the market:

Here are some PAM options:

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Flow meter with Heartbeat technology!
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