FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Promass 200!

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Can I have a loop-powered Promass 200 with a FOUNDATION Fieldbus device? And what's the accuracy of the flow meter?

Expert’s answer: FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Promass 200!

FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Promass 200! I love these little Promass 200 guys. We should call them PROMASS 2000s! Or something cooler; I suck at naming things.

Yes indeedy, you get a loop-powered Coriolis with the Promass 200. That means the device pulls power and communication through the same pair of cables. Just two! One for me, and one for you. You’ll dig them for new installs, because they save you buckets o’ cash on cable structure.

Coriolis – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Better yet, even a trained monkey could do their commissioning and start ups. And best of all, you get these same benefits in all protocols that support the Promass 200! Woohoo!

One small sticking point, though. The loop-power business can lower your accuracy. Still, the worst accuracy on a Promass 200 still beats the pants off other flow meters! Promass 200!

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Promass 200 installation
How do you install the Promass F 200 for a liquid application?

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FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Promass 200!
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