Handheld can’t find the device

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I have a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network with 15 devices. I can't access the full device configuration using my field communicator! What should I do?

Expert’s answer: Handheld can’t find the device

Don’t panic! If your handheld can’t find the device but can’t get full access to the configuration, you don’t have the device description (DD) installed on your handheld. Installing the DD will depend on the brand that you have, because the procedures differ from company to company.

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Furthermore, for most brands you should have a license to update your handheld. Usually, the license lasts for three years. Then you’ll need to buy a new license!

Once you have the procedure to update the handheld, then you can install the DD. Now your field communicator will communicate properly with your field devices!

The market has a bunch of options. Here, take a peek:

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Handheld can’t find the device
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