HART communication: Viator Bluetooth interface

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I have an AMS suite device manager, and I would like to know if can I use the Viator Bluetooth with my software? Do you know about that?

Expert’s answer: HART communication and Viator Bluetooth interface

The answer is simple: Yes, you can use it for your HART communication! The AMS device manager allows you to use the Viator Bluetooth interface to communicate with your field device. Basically, you just need to setup the interface into the AMS device manager before you start to use it. Then, a connection is possible without a problem as soon as you have your interface in the software.

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First, install the Viator drive. The drive will then create a virtual port to communicate with the AMS software. After you’ve installed a new system interface, you need to close the AMS device manager software and open the option to install a new system interface.

As soon as you found the port on the installation procedure, you will see the HART communication on the AMS device manager. You can then establish a communication between the software and the field device.

Below, we’ve put together a list of Device Configurator software on the market:

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HART communication: Viator Bluetooth interface
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