HART pressure transmitter: How to set up two displays

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Hello. I have a HART pressure transmitter in the field, and I want a setup for two displays in different locations for the same pressure device. Can I do that? I'm using only the 4 - 20 mA.

Expert’s answer: Can you set up a HART pressure transmitter for two displays?

You want to know how you can set up two displays in different locations for the same HART pressure transmitter… A quickie! My favorite. Short answer: YES. Long answer: Even if you only have the 4 – 20 mA, if your device has HART, you can do it! You definitely need a HART display. You’ll also need a physical network.

Once you have these two goodies, you can set up two masters in the HART communication. Never mind that old saying about two masters. We ain’t talking philosophy here! We’re talking science! You want two, you get two! Back to business. Next, configure one display as master 1 and  the other display as master 2. Both should read the same HART values from your field device. If they don’t, you did something wrong. Check your setup and try again.

Okay, now that you’re set up and getting good data, pick your values. You can have four, conveniently named primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. Just configure whatever you need to show in the displays. And you don’t even have to do multidrop installations, as the displays will work as Handhelds. Boom!

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HART pressure transmitter: How to set up two displays
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