Which kind of Heartbeat technology is available?

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I know that there are different types of Heartbeat technology available, but what's the difference between the options?

Heartbeat Technology

Expert’s answer:

There are three different types of Heartbeat technology. Let me explain to you the main differences of the three options:

Courtesy of Endress+Hauser
  • Heartbeat Diagnostic offers you a basic diagnosis of the flow meter which is based on the Namur NE 107.
  • Heartbeat Verification provides you with a detailed device testing report. The report contains details about the output, the transmitter and the sensor. It also evaluates the current performance of your device. Furthermore, if you have FieldCare, you will gain additional details about the limits and a graphic of each verification, too.
  • Heartbeat Monitoring does not only offer you the same information as the Heartbeat verification, it also enables an online monitoring of the measurement tube conditions.

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Which kind of Heartbeat technology is available?
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