Heartbeat Technology graphics?

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I want a graphic that depicts wear on my flow meter. This information could help in scheduling condition verifications to avoid unscheduled downtime. Can Heartbeat Technology do this?

Heartbeat Technology

Expert’s answer:

Yes. If you want to follow the evolution of your flow meter conditions using Heartbeat technology, you need FieldCare. This software can track the data and create a graphic for you to read.

Heartbeat technology
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Furthermore, FieldCare can provide you the values of the Heartbeat verification, both low and high. These values will aid your analysis of the report, as you can see the conditions in more detail.

If you don’t have FieldCare, you can still get the report, but without the graphics. In other words, the web browser report will tell you only that the flow meter passed or failed in tests of electronic conditions, sensor conditions, and output conditions.

Flow meter verification on the market:

Here are some PAM options:

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Heartbeat Technology graphics?
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