How to measure acceleration and velocity with a vibration transmitter


Could you explain how a vibration transmitter measures acceleration and velocity?

Expert’s answer: How to measure acceleration and velocity with a vibration transmitter

Of course. You can find all kinds of vibration transmitters on the market, as more and more automators use this type of measurement. Vibration is a pure application of some basic engineering concepts. It’s okay if you don’t get that now, you will later.

Offline measurement means you use some sort of handheld to measure vibrations. After you collect the data, you download it to a network or standalone program.

If you have a more critical process or one that needs more speed, then the you should probably get your data online. You can get wireless or analog transmitters and complex online systems.  The best solution will depend on the device, the nature of your process, and other points.  However, all these devices need sensors to read the data before they can translate it.

The most common sensor is the accelerometer, much like the one in your smartphone. You can have different types, such as single and multi-axis. But how does it work? It detects the magnitude and direction of movement, and you can get a bunch of data from that, such as vibration.

Several working principles can convert mechanical motion to electrical signals. Whether you go piezoelectric, piezoresistive, or capacitive, all accelerometers base their calculations on Newton’s second law (F = m x a).


Integration of acceleration

Then, when you have acceleration, you can integrate it to find velocity. If you integrate it again, then you can find displacement. Your vibration transmitter will do all this basic math and physics for you.




Simple as this equation. 🙂

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How to measure acceleration and velocity with a vibration transmitter
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