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I'm reading a lot of articles about Industrial Internet of Things, but is it possible to do something with a plant asset management system?

Industrial IoT applications

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has everyone writing about the future of automation and the possibilities Industrial IoT applications can bring. Why the future, though? I believe we can take automation to another level today.

Field devices already have a lot of relevant information that we can use to avoid certain problems. However, sometimes it’s difficult to read that information.

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Manufacturers will tell you that you can do everything! A wide range of rich data will funnel into your control system and lead to predictive maintenance!

Maybe if you have only one brand in your plant, but not if you have a system with an assortment of brands.

Of course, you can access the data by going point to point using device descriptions or device type managers. But when you have a system to scan the field devices and send the information to the cloud, it’s more complicated because this system reads different files.

We already have the data, but we still need to create a standard for field communication to the system.  We need the same level of information from all brands, not just the control system brand.

A system that can read different brands may exist already. I haven’t seen it, though. If you have, let me know!

Below you have a bunch of companies offering IIoT solutions:

You can read more about Industrial IoT applications:

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Industrial IoT applications - PAM system
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