The installation of the PROMASS 100!

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We have a new device but no manual. Could you tell us how to correctly install the Promass 100?


Expert’s answer:

Okay, here we go again! The Promass 100 follows universal Coriolis rules. That means it has the same installation basics as other flow meters on the market.

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Here are the rules of the Coriolis club:

  • Install it in a vertical pipe with the flow going up whenever possible.
  • If you have to install it horizontally and it has bubbles or gas, head up again.
  • If you have to install it horizontally and it has solids in the fluid, head down this time.
  • Never install it with the head to the side.
  • It doesn’t need a straight pipe before or after it.
  • If you have a pressure transmitter after it, you need three to five outlet runs.
  • If you have a temperature transmitter after it, you need four to eight outlet runs.

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The installation of the PROMASS 100!
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