Level measurement in solvents


I need to measure the level in a tank with solvent products. I'm looking for a good solution for my process. Can you help?

Expert’s answer: Level measurement in solvents

You have many options to measure solvents. I could give you a more accurate answer if I had your process information, but I’ll talk about some of your options.

Before that, though, I need to mention dielectric constant. If you want to use a free space radar or guided radar, then this point will affect your choices. For solvents like benzene, hexane, or toluene, you need to prepare the product before it goes into the process. You can look this info up on one of the many apps out there or go straight to the vendor and ask.

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As I mentioned, you can use a radar device, as long as you check the product information and installation conditions before picking a free space or guided radar. And you can add a level switch to prevent overfill.

On the right, you have a list of devices that can fit in your application, if you want to start shopping.

If you want to know more, we have articles explaining different level measurement working principles. So take a look to see which sounds better for you:


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