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Hello. I’m looking for a level switch to detect two conditions, high and high-high. The switch will be installed in a vertical tank. The product is a sulphuric acid with a concentration of 98 percent and temperature of ~40 degrees Celsius. Do you know of a device for my application?

Expert’s answer: Which level switch is right for you?

Howdy, and welcome to the ranch! Right, right, business. Okay, you have a question about level switch types that detect two conditions, high and high-high. 

We hear you! First a few words about level switches to those of you who are new to the subject:

A level switch (or float switch) is used to detect the level of liquid in a tank. At the end of this Q&A we give some specific recommendations as to where you can find the level switch you’re looking for.

But to answer your question, here’s what we recommend:

Try the point level switch FTL51 from Endress+Hauser. It has three conditions: “Put the matches back when you’re done” (minimum safety), “Put that back where you found it–oh, yuck–NOW” (maximum safety), and “Be your own mad scientist” (min/max control). A push of a button gets you what you need, so you can skip the fancy software.

Level Switch - Endress+Hauser
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

You’ll need two, Thing One for the high and Thing Two for the high-high. Or you could chuck all that nonsense for a radar sensor like the FMR52 or the 5400, which will give you more control. We know you like it that way. Then you can save the level switch for that silly safety stuff Dad insists on.

Have fun with your acid!

Want to check out our recommendations above or find another level switch that suits your needs?

Then, this is for you – these guys have all the level switches:

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