Best magmeter for water application

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We need a magmeter for a water process flow measurement! It's only water, but we don't know which type of liner will be better for us! Could you suggest one?

Expert’s answer: Best magmeter for water application

Yup, I’ll be happy to advise you on the right magmeter for water application. But we need to pay attention! Depending on the brand, you can have a confusing range of liners.

You need to know the chemical compatibility, flow velocity, and potential abrasion in your application. So this information will factor into your choice of the best liner for your application.

As you said, water makes for a simple flow application because you don’t need a special liner material. You can go with a simple liner like hard rubber or polyurethane.

However, I suggest you use the Applicator or Toolkit. These online application tools will give you the best options based on your process information. Furthermore, they have big product databases, so you’ll probably find exactly what you need in one!

Want more information Then, check these magmeters on the market:

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Best magmeter for water application
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