Magmeter wires: Should I go for two or four?

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I've been looking at electromagnetic flow meters (for conductive liquid and fresh water) recently. Many EMFs use four wires, two for signal, two for power. I'm interested in one with only two wires. Are there any known issues with two wires that make four a better solution?

Expert’s answer: Should you go for two or four magmeter wires?

Magmeter wires, eh? Ok, here’s the deal- the two-wire flow meter will offer you at least one advantage over a four-wire: loop-powered flow meters. A loop-powered meter will save money on new installation because you need only a pair of cables for power and signal.

Nonetheless, the two-wire device has its limitations. Loop-powered meters don’t come in a wide range of sizes, and they add voltage drops to your loops. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you should choose two or four wires.

Where can you find more information on magmeter wires?

Want more information about magmeter wires and loop-powered flow meters? We’ve collected useful information in the links below.

Check these companies for loop-powered flow meters:

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Magmeter wires: Should I go for two or four?
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