Mass flow accuracy of PROMASS 100

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What's the standard flow accuracy of PROMASS 100? If I want to have a better performance is it possible with that device?

Expert’s answer: Mass flow accuracy of PROMASS 100

The stated mass flow accuracy of PROMASS 100 is +- 0.35% for gas mass flow. For liquid mass and volume flow it is +- 0.10%. However, it is possible to get an even better performance if you want. This option is called PremiumCal for mass flow and the accuracy will be +-0.05%.

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Although, the accuracy will depend on the process information and you can’t have a variant of the flow meter accuracy. The right way to know the exact flow meter accuracy is simulating the process conditions on the application tools and then scale out the right flow meter for your application.

The software will show you the precise accuracy throughout your process conditions so you can check if the accuracy that is stated in the technical manual will stay the same.

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