Measuring natural gas with Promass 200

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My company needs a loop-powered device to measure natural gas flow, but we need to know if we can use these devices in our system and if they're accurate enough. Could you help us?

Expert’s answer: Measuring natural gas with Promass 200

Either of these devices would work for your application. However, the Micro Motion doesn’t have a real 4-20mA output. The meter has a barrier to rescale the 12-20mA from the field to 4-20mA for the programmable logic controller (PLC). That’s why measuring natural gas with Promass 200 might be the right thing for you.

Coriolis loop-powered – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

You see, the Promass 200 offers a real 4-20mA output with the modulation in the whole range, so you don’t need a barrier to convert.

Both devices will provide good accuracy for your application, and best of all, you can simulate the performance with online tools from both brands! Try before you buy!

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