MEMS for density measurement

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We need a density meter for our butane! Can we use a Coriolis?

Expert’s answer: MEMS for density measurement

Excellent question! For your butane, you need a particular density meter. And I recommend one based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology. That’s because it gives you fast and high accuracy in your application. Want to dive right in? Here’s what you need to know about MEMS for density measurement:

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Now, many people have never even heard of MEMS. But they exist throughout our daily lives! So these tiny, sometimes even molecular, mechanisms perform amazingly well with low production costs. Can it get any better? Well, that’s what makes them incredibly popular and increasingly prevalent.

Here’s the best part:

A density meter created using MEMS can provide you highly accurate gas density data. Furthermore, you can find options on the market that also provide flow data as well as density.

So summing it up:

My opinion is that you should take a look at MEMS devices for your application. However, you can find other options if you prefer. But give MEMS a serious thought.

Want more information? Then, check these options for your application:

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MEMS for density measurement
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