Micro Motion 5700 configuration

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Hi. I want to change the flow unit of my Coriolis, but I can't find where I need to change this information. Do you know?

Expert’s answer: Micro Motion 5700 configuration

Sure do! You can do a Micro Motion 5700 configuration with a handheld or through the local display. Of course, I have to tell you that you can find this sort of information in the manual. Nonetheless, I’m here to support you and make your life easier!

Micro Motion 5700 – Courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions

For this case, I’ll follow the device menu through the local display and based on a HART transmitter. If you want to change the units of your density, pressure, volume, or others, then you’ll follow a similar path. But after the flow variables, you’ll go to pressure, volume, or whatever you want to change.

The step by step below will change the mass flow unit:

  • Menu > Configuration > Process Measurement > Flow Variables > Mass Flow Settings > Units

That should take care of it!

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