Milk Application: Will PROMASS 100 Work?

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After 10 years, we want to change our flow meter to a new one. Could you inform us if the PROMASS 100 will work for our application? The process information is: 0 - 100 kg/min, Milk, ambient temperature and 2 bars a of pressure. Thanks.

Expert’s answer: Promass 100

Hi there, sure I can.

Wow, 10 years with one flow meter means a lot of patience! Your intention is totally understandable. I would say, the easiest way to check if the flow meter will match your application is using the online tool and simulate the process conditions. Regarding the Endress+Hauser device, the online tool means the applicator.

Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

The applicator tool shows that a PROMASS 100 sized 1” will provide you with accuracy around 0.1% and a pressure loss of 0.39 bar. If you would like to check the same process conditions for other brands, you can find similar tools online.

If you want to scale out a flow meter online, here are online tools for you:

Hope you will find a perfect flow meter match!

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Milk Application: Will PROMASS 100 Work?
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