New field device in a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network

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Is there any chance my new field device might create a problem in our FF network? I mean, would the handheld cause issues with its address or connection to the network?

Expert’s answer: New field device in a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network

You can usually connect and use a new field device in a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network to the network without a problem. The handheld can be a bench tool or a field tool.

New field device in a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network

As a bench tool, the handheld can connect to a FOUNDATION Fieldbus device. It can also connect to other network devices that don’t need a master on the segment.

As a field tool, the handheld can connect on a live FF segment, with the network controlled by a host control system. If the host acts as a Link Active Scheduler (LAS), the field device will detect the LAS on the segment and join the segment as a “guest.” Then the handheld and the host can co-exist without problems.

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New field device in a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network
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