What instruments to use for no-flow detection?

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I need to detect a dead-end or no-flow condition. The fluid is liquid fertilizer and quite corrosive, and as heat builds up in the pumped fluid, it could explode. The pipe is six-inch stainless steel, and the flow rate 1000 liters per minute. What instruments could I use?

Expert’s answer: No-flow detection

For no-flow detection, you should have no trouble setting up your device irrespective of what you choose. But choose carefully. With a corrosive product, you need to pick a device made of a corrosion-resistant material. This should have no effect on the meter itself, so you can choose that easily.

PROMAG 400 No-flow detection
Magmeter – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

We recommend a magmeter for your application. Magmeters come with different types of liners to protect against your product, reducing or even eliminating the corrosion problem. So if you want just an on/off flow indicator, the market has a broad range of switches that can send you your process status.

Just remember: Make sure the material of the wet part will hold up to your application to avoid future problems!

You can check with these guys for magmeters:

If you want a simpler solution than a magmeter, try these:

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What instruments to use for no-flow detection?
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