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Our customer wants to measure the flow rate of a brine stream. It's a closed pipe on the discharge of a centrifugal pump. They don't like magmeters but would consider ultrasonic if it's not "too expensive." I'm unsure of transit time because there may be too much junk in the water. Maybe a Doppler?

Expert’s answer: Non-contact brine flow measurement

You should find out why they don’t like magmeters, because a magmeter sounds like your best option. They probably had a bad experience before and now they think all magmeters have the same problem. However, the bad experience could’ve come from the application and not the meter. Finding out may make your job easier. In the end, a magmeter might be the best option for non-contact brine flow measurement.

If this process has junk in the water, and ultrasonic meter that uses transit time won’t help, as it has trouble with solids and bubbles in liquids. Now an ultrasonic based on Doppler may work, as it lacks that hangup. You can also consider a Coriolis if you want an easy setup, although it costs more.

Here you can find links to ultrasonics on the market:

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