Options for official inspections of measuring instruments

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The legislation of the country where we work mandates an annual inspection of all measuring instruments. As we operate on a twenty-four-hour basis, management won't even consider process line shutdowns only for calibration. Help?

Expert’s answer: Options for official inspections of measuring instruments

Yikes! Tough spot. Let’s dig you out. Some flow meters offer an option for meter verification conforming to ISO 9001 standards. Loophole! Maybe. You’ll need to ask the regulators about their options for official inspections. So, if they accept a report from the flow meter as an inspection, you’re good to go. It should work because the meter’s diagnostics can check all parts of the meter (electronic, sensor and output). Cross your fingers!

If they say no, cry. Kidding, don’t do that! They eat the weak! Option B involves a bypass with another meter during the inspection, so you still have your measurements in spec and your operations up. Option B kinda sucks because it’ll cost more, but if you want to keep going in that country, you have to play by their rules.

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Options for official inspections of measuring instruments
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