Output options in Micro Motion 5700

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I would like to have a discrete output to do an action in a final element in a batch control, Can I have this option already available in the Micro Motion 5700?

Expert’s answer: Are there output options in Micro Motion 5700?

Yes, you can have output options in Micro Motion 5700. You see, the Micro Motion 5700 offers different options for an output and also a batching option. In addition, the Micro Motion 5700 provides different protocol types.

These are the I/O channels for the Micro Motion 5700:

Up to …

  • 3 mA outputs
  • 2 Frequency outputs
  • 3 Discrete outputs
  • 2 Discrete inputs
  • mA and Frequency inputs
  • Modbus/RS-485

Do you want to learn more about the new features of the Micro Motion 5700? If so, please watch the video below:

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Output options in Micro Motion 5700
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