Output trim for Magnetrol Eclipse 705?

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Hey, we have a Magnetrol Eclipse 705 in the seal oil drain tank of a 7FA GE machine. I need to zero trim it, but when I connect it to the HART communicator, it asks for authorization. Help?

Expert’s answer: Output trim for Magnetrol Eclipse 705

Need help with output trim for Magnetrol Eclipse 705? Okay, it sounds like someone fooled around with your setup. Hence, I took a look at the 705 manual. Lo and behold, I found a note about the password for configuration access. See for yourself:

The default user password … is 0. The last step in the configuration menu provides the option to enter a new password. With a password of 0, the transmitter is no longer password protected, and any value in the menu can be adjusted without entering a confirming password, except diagnostic values.

So someone may have changed the factory password. But, if you don’t know it, Magnetrol recommends contacting local support. For more details, check out the manual.

Where can you get more information about output trim for Magnetrol Eclipse 705?

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Output trim for Magnetrol Eclipse 705?
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