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We need pressure measurement at my plant on a 20-inch pipe, and we don't know which pressure transmitter we should use. Any advice?

Expert’s answer: Pressure monitoring solutions

Searching for pressure monitoring solutions? Alright, you need to know your minimum and maximum pressure range before you can choose a measurement device. The field information will help you scale out the best tool for your application.

Endress+Hauser pressure measurement

As for the type of pressure transmitter, a manometer should provide you with the data you need. The device should also allow pressure control, or at least remote information, allowing you to monitor your process conditions.

Again, your range will dictate what device you should use. Whether you choose an absolute or gauge pressure device will depend on your pressure range. However, in my opinion, the gauge pressure transmitter will fit your process best.

For a variety of absolute and gauge pressure devices, look at these:

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Pressure monitoring solutions
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