Pressure transmitter data


Hi. I bought a pressure transmitter S/N K219C601052 from Endress+Hauser, but I don’t know if the transmitter is providing the data I requested. Could you check for me? Thanks.

Expert’s answer: Where do you find the right pressure transmitter data?

Not sure how to find the pressure transmitter data for your Endress+Hauser device? Here’s how to find what you’re looking for:

Go to Endress+Hauser’s Device Viewer, then look up your device’s information using its serial number. You can even do it on your smartphone; go to the Apple or Google Play store and search for “Endress+Hauser operations.” There you’ll find what you need using the serial number or reading the QR code with your phone’s camera.

Usually, manufacturers follow customer requirements so that the field devices support the applications properly. Then they include this data in the device order codes. That way, you can quickly find solutions on the internet.

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Pressure transmitter data
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