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Could you explain to me what is the PROFIBUS DP and the advantages of the protocol?

Expert’s answer: What is PROFIBUS DP and what are its advantages?

Of course. The PROFIBUS DP network offers high-speed communication between systems and decentralized devices. It uses optical fiber or cables based on the RS-485 standard. Nearly 90 percent of the slaves on  PROFIBUS networks operate from PROFIBUS DP.

PROFIBUS network – Courtesy of PROFIBUS

This protocol uses two core screened cable in a lovely purple. It also has a wide speed range, between 9.6 kilobits per second and 12 megabits per second. If you want, you can choose a speed to give all the devices on the network enough time to talk to each other. Also, unless you use repeaters or hubs, then the RS485 will allow only 126 devices to connect at one time.

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