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I'd like to install a new magmeter from Endress+Hauser, the Promag 400. Could you break down the installation for me?

Expert’s answer: Promag 400 installation

Almost all brands use the exact same steps to install magmeters. That includes a Promag 400 installation. Check out their technical manuals and you’ll see. Some of them still send manuals on CDs with their meters, but you can download them from the company websites, too.

Most magmeters currently on the market need a minimum inlet and outlet run. Yes, you can find companies that say their meters don’t need runs, but let’s keep the answer based on the usual scenario.

PROMAG 400 – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Inlet and outlet runs guarantee a laminar flow for better performance from the magmeter. Also, remember that you need to install the meter in a vertical pipe with the flow going up. This setup keeps the pipe entirely filled or empty. And we want that because partially filled pipes cause problems and make your operators grouchy.

If for whatever reason you can’t install the flow meter in a vertical pipe, then you can use a horizontal pipe if you follow the inlet and outlet run requirements. Hope that helps!

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