How to integrate PROMASS 100 into EtherNet/IP

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How to integrate the PROMASS 100 into my Rockwell system? Is there a specific procedure to do the implementation?

Expert’s answer: How to integrate PROMASS 100 into EtherNet/IP

Integrating a PROMASS 100 into EtherNET/IP in the Rockwell system is easy. You see, the PROMASS 100 offers a seamless integration with different types of control systems.

PROMASS 100 into EtherNet/IP
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

The integration will be simpler than with a HART device. That’s because the PROMASS 100 is an Add-on Profile level 3 FOR Rslogix 5000.

The device already offers an electronic data sheet (EDS system file) that is already saved on the device. You just need to download the file and then upload it into the system to have a seamless communication.

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