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I'd like to apply the Promass 200 on a product that's 50 percent glycerine. The flow range is 0-350 kilos per hour, the pressure 2 bar and the temperature 30 degrees Celsius. Can I apply a Promass F 200?

Expert’s answer: Promass 200 for glycerine

You can test if you can use the Promass 200 for glycerine. You can use an online tool to simulate your process conditions and verify which flow meter suits your application. I suppose you want a loop-powered device, right? Loop power is one of the main features of the Promass 200.

PROMASS – Courtesy of Endress+Hauser

I took a moment to check your process conditions with one of these tools. Basically, it recommends a one-inch flow meter and gives you an error margin between 0.5 and 1 percent, with a pressure loss of 0.15 bar. Now, if you choose a smaller size, like half an inch, then you’ll get nearly o.1 percent accuracy, but you’ll increase your pressure loss to 0.6 bar. Your choice.

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