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We installed a Prowirl F200 DN80 on saturated steam with the following conditions: Flow: 8000 lbs/h Pressure: 10 bar Temperature: 170 °C Line Size: 6 in The applicator displays the following outputs:

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When you shop for a flow meter like the Prowirl F200 steam flow meter, you usually have to tell the provider your needs to get the right meter. Endress+Hauser provides a free online tool called the Applicator that can help you here.

Endress+Hauser’s engineers use the Applicator to modify flow meters to suit individual needs.  The tool can also answer hypothetical questions because you can change the size and model of the displayed meter and see how those changes affect your process. Go to the Applicator, input your data, and see what happens!

A vortex flow meter usually requires a minimum Reynolds number to start measuring. You can reduce the cross section when the velocity is too slow to generate the vortex, but this can create a pressure loss in your process. Even so, a vortex meter is a better solution than an orifice plate.

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Prowirl F200 steam flow meter
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