Pulse or analog for custody transfer?

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Since most Coriolis transmitters provide both pulse and analog 4-20 mA outputs for the reading, which works better for liquid custody transfer where the reading goes to a flow computer and why? How about the digital HART output from the transmitter?

Expert’s answer: Pulse or analog for custody transfer?

So you want to know which option is better – pulse or analog for custody transfer? We suggest pulse for your communication. That’s because it’ll give you more accuracy between the device and the flow computer. The computer will calculate the volume using the flow rate because the pulse from the device will depict only the flow rate most of the time.

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Analog will provide only low accuracy in your application. In fact, any time you need high accuracy, you should avoid analog.

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HART communication will give you digital communication but it’s slower than pulse. That said, you can find applications using the HART between field devices and the flow computer. Still, we recommend sticking with standard setups for the application program interface.

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Pulse or analog for custody transfer?
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