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We're getting buildup in our radar antennas, and it's killing our schedules! How do we avoid buildup?

Expert’s answer: How to avoid radar buildup in antennas

Yes, devices that use radar can have significant problems with radar buildup. That’s because when the buildup increases, the signal strength will drop, giving you bad measurements.

Thus, proper cleaning of the antenna will fix this problem and get you back to reliable measurements. However, depending on the device, you can also control the clean up with the device itself or your programmable logic controller.

If your device doesn’t have the automated option, then you’ll have to  clean it manually. Therefore you may want to consider upgrading your radar device. Today’s transmitters can measure even with buildup and perform their own cleanings when necessary.

And some devices on the market have algorithms to reduce interference caused by buildup. That means you can maintain the device’s accuracy, even with high levels of contamination, without the need for cleaning!

The ability of the transmitter to control the clean up process using compressed air will save you money and reduce your unplanned downtimes.

Radar devices with buildup solutions:

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