Can you have a radar outside the tank?

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I saw a picture with a radar outside the tank! Is it a fake picture or a real application, could you explain?

Expert’s answer: Can you have a radar outside the tank?

A radar outside the tank? Yes, it’s a fake application! I’m just kidding, it’s a real thing. This kind of application is common when you have a plastic vessel installed on the top with special support. That’s the case if the principle of radar level transmitter allows work outside of the tank.

radar outside the tank
Courtesy of VEGA

The device can support sun, wind, and rain without a problem. Plus, the user has a lot of benefits using this kind of application. You don’t need to make hard changes on the vessel or support the radar installation on the top of the vessel. The installation of the radar is usually easy to implement. The time you spend on this is less than the time you spend on a traditional installation.

Last but not least, you can choose to have a wireless device and avoid a more costly structure. A traditional installation is a good option, thanks to the loop-powered technology. Here, you have a single cable going into the control system.

Want more information? If so, here’s a list of radars on the market:

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Can you have a radar outside the tank?
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